Manuscript Editing Services

Bring out the best in your story.

You’re a writer and you have finally finished the draft of your first book. Your pockets are tight but your dreams are big, and you want to hone the work you’ve spent months (perhaps even years) putting together.

You’ve come to the right place. My goal is to be the editor you can afford without sacrificing quality service. As a natural-born storyteller with 3 published novels and over 10,000 hours of experience, I help you uncover the soul of your manuscript.

A good book is about telling a story through imagery, dialogue, description and character development. My job is to help you hone all of these elements while remaining true to your unique style and voice.

I bring to the table over 11 years of professional writing experience and 9 years of editing experience that I apply to help bring out the best in your manuscript.

Choose an Editing Package Based on Your Needs

If you haven’t discovered so yet, you’ll quickly learn that writing a book is 20% writing and 80% editing. Once you’ve completed your rough draft, you should enter into multiple phases of editing, including developmental editing, line-by-line editing, and proofreading.

Below is a breakdown of 3 services based on these stages, as well as a brief description of what sets them apart:

Developmental Editing ($0.009/word)

Step one to any new manuscript draft is a developmental edit. My developmental critique services provide you with the feedback to help you carve out the fluff and polish the rough draft of your story.

Within this service, you will receive in-depth feedback on your manuscript’s overall strengths and areas of improvement, as well as specific comments on scenes, dialogue, or chapters that need development.

Line Editing ($0.04/word)

Ready to dig deeper? If you are confident in the plot of your book, dialogue, and character development, but need a set of professional eyes to improve the story’s clarity, prose, and flow, this is the package you need. I’ll go line-by-line to provide grammatical corrections, feedback, and thorough editing where it is needed.

Proofreading ($0.02/word)

This service is a light edit. If you have already gone through the developmental and line-by-line edits for your manuscript and you’re simply looking for a basic read-through to correct spelling and grammatical mistakes prior to publishing your book, this  package is for you. It includes a full grammatical sweep and very light editing only when necessary.

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re seeking an editor, don’t be shy. Simply fill out the form below and I will reach out to you with a pressure-free quote based on your manuscript’s size and needs. You can also reach out to me via the form below with any questions or clarifications, including one-on-one consulting for writing development.

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