Elli’s Comprehensive Writing Services

Elli offers versatile writing services for businesses and individual clients looking to get ahead in the realm of content development. From building your brand to publishing a book, she lends her expertise to help you reach your goals.

Consulting Services and Writing Workshops

Take advantage of Elli’s extensive experience with consulting hours or writing workshops. Programs are available for a host of different writing techniques, including SEO Optimized Content Writing, Social Media Branding and Management, Blogging, Fiction Writing, and Character Development.

Copywriting Services

Never put your name or brand on bad content. Whether you need compelling copy for your web pages, enticing blogs written to rank, or a strong marketing voice for your collateral and campaigns, you’ve come to the right place.

Editing Services

Writing a book is only part of the battle. Eighty percent of your time spent preparing a book for publication will be spent in the editing process. Dive deep with Elli’s various editing packages, each one suited for specific stages of the editing process.