Sadikaye Kasateno

“I’m tired of talking about this place where I belong but have never been. I’m tired of dreaming of bigger things than caravans, boats, and tents. Let’s go home. Let’s show Shadow Silverhorn the might of the horse folk and their allies. Let him be the one to cower when we stand together.”

— Sadikaye, Lost Prince of Nevaharday

A portrait of Sadikaye Connor from The Rogue Trilogy

Name: Sadikaye Kasateno

Age: 17 (Chivalry’s Code, Lost Prince of Nevaharday)

Race: Rahee with distant traces of Re’shahna

Height: 6’0

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Lager

Birthplace: Sarrokye

Occupation: Refugee


Sadikaye “Sadi” Kasateno is the son of Levee Tensley, a refugee of the fallen kingdom of Nevaharday. Although he was born after the city was overtaken by Shadow Silverhorn, he still feels an undeniable connection with the home he’s never known.

When he isn’t assisting his Pa, Milo, on his fishing boat, Sadi can be found sparring with his staff. A natural with the makeshift weapon, he dreams of one day returning to his family’s kingdom as part of the whispered rebellion to take back their stolen lands.

Yet when that dream finally takes shape, Sadi discovers that being a hero is far heavier, and more harrowing, than he thinks. Especially when he uncovers a secret that will force him to take up a heavy burden he never anticipated carrying.

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chivalry's code elizabeth carlton
lost prince of nevaharday elizabeth carlton the rogue trilogy

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