Rayhan Mendeley

“All armor has its weaknesses. That doesn’t mean you should stop wearing it.”

— Rayhan, Chivalry’s Code

The photo illustrates the a author's rendition of Rayhan Mendeley.

Name: Rayhan Mendeley

Age: 36 (The Royal Rogue) | 21 (Chivalry’s Code)

Race: Rahee

Height: 5’10

Hair Color: Burnt Umber

Eye Color: Light Brown

Birthplace: Nevaharday

Occupations: Captain (Chivalry’s Code) of the Horned Lancers | General and Steward of Nevaharday (The Royal Rogue)


Composed, disciplined, practical, diplomatic; all of these words describe the famous general of Nevaharday’s commanding forces, yet few truly know Rayhan Mendeley outside of his military prowess. Reserved in nature, his personal life remains a quiet subject, though there are many speculations over his relationship with Elessara Redwood and Arelee Denicarli.

Despite the inevitable castle gossip, one would be hardpressed to find an ill word spoken about Rayhan. The general possesses the charm of a gentleman as well as the courage and honor befitting of his title: Rayhan the Chivalrous.

After the death of King Donovan and his Queen, Rayhan steps up at Steward of Nevaharday while trying to coax and council Prince Jaycent to take his rightful seat as heir. He will quickly admit to owning a brotherly affection toward the young prince, who is also his cousin.

Although Jaycent’s antics often challenge the general’s even temper, he never falters in his belief that the prince houses the potential of becoming a leader just as admirable, or moreso, than King Donovan.

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the royal rogue elizabeth carlton elli writes
chivalry's code elizabeth carlton

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