Lost Prince of Nevaharday


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He comes.
The prince comes.
The throne you stole shall be reclaimed.
From the height you have risen, you shall fall.

As Shadow Silverhorn rises to the peak of his strength, he also finds himself at the end of his curse. No amount of gold, magic, or will can stop his slow descent into madness. Every day more voices belonging to the victims he killed fill his head, taunting him with warnings of his own demise.

The healers claim they’re just hallucinations; an audible embodiment of his inner doubts and fears. Yet Shadow’s paranoia is only fed by the whispers in his mind, especially when rumors of the prince he thought was dead start to surface in the city below his castle.

Try as he might, Shadow fails to find any evidence that Jaycent Connor lives, yet his subjects start to find hope in the possibility. They grow bold, rebelling just enough to make Shadow realize he has an uprising on his hands.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Shadow, the royal rogue and his companions put together the final pieces of their plan, garnering an alliance that will give them the strength to come knocking on Shadow’s door. Finally, someone will challenge the tyrant’s rule. When that happens, who will remain to sit upon the silver throne? Will it be Shadow? The royal rogue?

Or someone else entirely?

Discover the answer as this final installment in The Rogue Trilogy brings its hero home for one final, teeth-gritting battle.

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