Milo Kasateno

“That one is too full of spirit and not enough horse sense.”

— Milo, The Royal Rogue

Name: Milo Kasateno

Age: 21 (The Royal Rogue) | 39 (Chivalry’s Code, Lost Prince of Nevaharday)

Race: Rahee

Height: 5’11

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Ocher

Birthplace: Sarrokye

Occupation: Farmer (The Royal Rogue) | Fisherman (Chivalry’s Code, Lost Prince of Nevaharday)


Born on the poorer streets of Sarrokye, Milo Kasateno is the son of a sailor and a seamstress. He loves the shores that skirt the rahee’s southern city and never thought he’d leave the freedom of its rowdy streets, but all of that changed one ill-fated day when the Sarrokian was 14.

He remembers standing upon the city’s docks, the sun setting on an endless sea as he waited for his father’s ship to port; a ship that would never return after an unfortunate battle with pirates.

Brokenhearted, Milo’s mother migrated with her son north where they settled in Nevaharday to learn the farming trade. Although the new city dealt its share of prejudice toward his dark skin, thick accent, and street-bred roots, the transition felt worth it when an orphan gypsy named Levee arrived on their doorstep, bringing a new source of joy to the small Sarrokian family.

That joy would turn to something greater as Milo and Levee grew older, their friendship budding into something more. Those feelings would grow more complicated for them both as things in Nevaharday began to change.

Books This Character is In:

the royal rogue elizabeth carlton elli writes
chivalry's code elizabeth carlton
lost prince of nevaharday elizabeth carlton the rogue trilogy

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