Levee Tensley

“You think you must fit the role others have laid out for you. That is the lie you need to conquer. Who you are and who you will become is a destiny of your own design.”

— Levee, The Royal Rogue

Levee illustrated by Adele Lorienne via commission and colored by Elizabeth Carlton.

Artwork by Adele Lorienne and colored by Elizabeth Carlton.

Name: Levee Tensley

Age: 18 (The Royal Rogue) | 36 (Chivalry’s Code, Lost Prince of Nevaharday)

Race: Rahee

Height: 5’6

Hair Color: Auburn

Eye Color: Evergreen

Birthplace: Within a gypsy camp

Occupation: Apprentice to the Horse Mistress


Eighteen-year-old Levee Tensley was just another citizen of Nevaharday until her uncanny talent with horses captured the attention of Arelee, the Royal Horse Mistress responsible for breeding and training the kingdom’s war mounts.

The problem is her abilities aren’t normal. In fact, they’re the reason she landed in Nevaharday in the first place. Once a gypsy who traveled with her family from town-to-town performing equine acrobatics, she lost her entire family to a raid.

“Horse witches,” they were called right before they were slaughtered. Levee managed to be the only survivor as she escaped on the back of her pony, Melee. Fate led her to Milo Kasateno‘s door, where his family took her in and raised her as their own daughter.

But now she was chosen to serve a kingdom that despised gypsies, and she somehow had to keep her past under wraps. She steps lightly, careful not to draw too much attention, yet the prince is not easily fooled. He catches on to her background, only to recruit her in a search for answers that could save his life.

Books This Character is In:

the royal rogue elizabeth carlton elli writes
chivalry's code elizabeth carlton
lost prince of nevaharday elizabeth carlton the rogue trilogy

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