Jaycent Connor

“Who I really am, you don’t want to see.”

— Jaycent, The Royal Rogue

Name: Jaycent Connor

Age: 24 (The Royal Rogue) | 42 (Chivalry’s Code, Lost Prince of Nevaharday)

Race: Rahee with distant traces of Re’shahna

Height: 6’4

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Pale Blue

Birthplace: Nevaharday

Occupation: Prince of Nevaharday


By all appearances, Prince Jaycent is a fitting image for the rahee’s young and thriving kingdom. Standing at an intimidating 6’4, his piercing blue eyes convey the authority of one who knows just what kind of power sits within his prestigious palms. His voice commands authority; his military training demands respect.

But his actions tell a different story.

Despite his position and prowess, Jaycent Connor feels more enslaved than in control since his mother and father died two years prior. Burdened by the demands of his kingdom and a lack of solace, he feigns apathy, spilling his storm of emotions into the comfort of strong drinks and women of questionable origin.

It takes a new and foreboding threat to shake from his two-year slump. When it does, the ensuing tragedies awaken a new and dangerous persona: Jaspur Clovenhoof.

Books This Character is In:

the royal rogue elizabeth carlton elli writes
chivalry's code elizabeth carlton
lost prince of nevaharday elizabeth carlton the rogue trilogy
A cover illustrated Prince Jaycent in front of a mirror reflected the image of his alias, Jaspur Clovenhoof, is overplayed with the text: The Rogue Trilogy, Elizabeth Carlton.

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