Jaspur Clovenhoof

“Nothing gets the blood pumping more than hunting down the biggest threat to the realm and deciding we’ll just wing it.” 

— Jaspur, Chivalry’s Code

Name: Jaspur Clovenhoof

Age: 24 (The Royal Rogue) | 42 (Chivalry’s Code, Lost Prince of Nevaharday)

Race: Rahee with distant traces of Re’shahna

Height: 6’4

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Pale Blue

Birthplace: Nevaharday

Occupation: Rogue


Jaspur Clovenhoof originated as an alias for Jaycent Connor while he searched desperately for a way to save his kingdom from an illusionist named Shadow Silverhorn. However, when his efforts failed and he witnessed firsthand the tragic downfall of Nevaharday, Prince Jaycent was overcome with grief. His guilt over his own shortcomings and his fury toward Shadow’s brutality consumed his soul.

The former prince became immersed in his roguish alter ego until his former life felt foreign. As the years swept by in the seclusion of exile, he only sank deeper into the pain wrought from the horrors he had witnessed. Nightmares plagued his sleep, forcing him to relive Shadow’s malice. Abandoning his old name and the birthright that came with it, he chose to live out the rest of his days as Jaspur Clovenhoof.

The rogue was a dangerous character whose words were as sharp as his sword. He worked alongside the re’shahna in an effort to unseat the tyrant sitting upon his old throne, not to take it back but rather to slay the root of his pain.

In his mind, Shadow had to die and he would give his life to do it.

What happened afterward didn’t matter. Nothing else mattered for Jaspur had nothing else to live for.

Or did he?

Books This Character is In:

the royal rogue elizabeth carlton elli writes
chivalry's code elizabeth carlton
lost prince of nevaharday elizabeth carlton the rogue trilogy
A cover illustrated Prince Jaycent in front of a mirror reflected the image of his alias, Jaspur Clovenhoof, is overplayed with the text: The Rogue Trilogy, Elizabeth Carlton.

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