5 Harsh Writing Tips You Want to Learn Now

I’m known to be a tough editor. My clients are told before they sign on board that my services are not for the faint of heart. I will work closely with you, pushing you to pinpoint the premise of your story, hone your writing skills, and polish your narrative to perfection. Why? Because good books [...]

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Writing Tips on Fictional World Building

World building is a crucial element in the writing process. It defines the playground for your characters; the stage in which your entire plot takes place. But how do go about creating a whole new realm out of thin air? When you create a new setting for your readers, you can’t afford to cut corners by making [...]

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This is What Writing a Book Actually Looks Like

“If you can quit, quit. If you can't, you're a writer.” – R.A. Salvatore What's it like to write a book? Whenever I hear this question, I find myself wearing a weary smile. Many writers—especially those new to the trade—romanticize the process. They envision tapping away in the silence of a cozy office, stuffed with books [...]

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Young Author Spotlighted in eBella Magazine’s “Age Sets No Boundaries”

Elizabeth Carlton is featured in the November issue of eBella Magazine, a Southwest Florida publication dedicated to empowering and inspiring women of all ages. Youngest of the four inspiring ladies featured in the write-up, she discusses why she believes age sets no boundaries. "I was really excited about this interview," Carlton said. "It touches on [...]

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3 Hurdles You’ll Face When Writing a New Book

3 Hurdles You'll Face When Writing a New Book Writing a new book is a monumental task. Most aspiring writers struggle to make it past the beginning stages. You don't have to be new to the trade to struggle with this process. As a published author drafting her third book, I still find myself facing [...]

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Elli Featured in Blogging Tips Video

Recently, Elli filmed a video with iPartnerMedia discussing a few basic blogging tips that will help businesses and professionals improve the performance and syndication of their posts. Click below to check it out or read her blog on... well, blogs on iPartnerMedia's website!

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In Hope We Walk

"There must be a fire in me because I can see my breath. Feels like a Miles Davis style solo, circa '46. Still, I write down the sacred things you show to me because my mind forgets what my heart once did see... Life will write the words, but you choose your own melody." - [...]

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Asking the Tough Questions

“When a man is set to destroy another, nothing can stop him from trying. All Chivalry’s Code does is guide us, cousin. It teaches us to honor our word and do what is right by friend and enemy alike. That is not a trap. That is purpose." “General Redwood used your purpose against you.” “Aye. [...]

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Author Hosts Writing Workshop

Recently, Elli conducted a writing workshop for 6 English classes at Clewiston High School (CHS) where she covered the basic elements of an outline, how to develop characters, and how to create tension within a scene. Afterward, she took time to meet with students one-on-one to discuss their own short stories and give constructive feedback [...]

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Learning How to Fly

"Long ago and far away I walked the forest, wide and deep. And when I reached the highest mountain; and when I swam the seven seas; and everywhere I turned; there was yearning. There was only yearning." - Infinitus I've been searching my heart and mind for something to say this month. I promised letters, [...]

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