Arelee Denicarli

“If my horses go into battle, I go with them.”

— Arelee, The Royal Rogue

An original sketch of Arelee Denicarli from The Royal Rogue drawn by the author Elizabeth Carlton.

Name: Arelee Denicarli

Age: 24 (The Royal Rogue)

Race: Rahee

Height: 4’11

Hair Color: Jet Black

Eye Color: Bronze

Birthplace: Sarrokye

Occupation: Royal Horse Mistress


Her bright eyes and petite figure may mislead foreign ambassadors, but those familiar with Arelee Denicarli know better than to treat her like a delicate lady. Tough as the nails that shod the hooves of her hardy war stallions, the Horse Mistress is considered the queen of the royal stables.

Outside of the stalls, Arelee is popular among the common folk and often prefers their company over the nobility’s uppity demeanor. Many members of Nevaharday’s court scoff her outspoken disposition, calling it a disgusting lack of social grace and propriety (but never to her face).

Yet it’s those attributes that her childhood friends, General Mendeley and Prince Jaycent, admire most. Both consider her fiery attitude and blunt honesty a refreshing break from royal etiquette and they never miss an opportunity to egg her into rufflings the feathers of the castle’s more pompous nobles.

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