ebella feature elizabeth carlton elli writesElizabeth Carlton is featured in the November issue of eBella Magazine, a Southwest Florida publication dedicated to empowering and inspiring women of all ages. Youngest of the four inspiring ladies featured in the write-up, she discusses why she believes age sets no boundaries.

“I was really excited about this interview,” Carlton said. “It touches on a mindset that I genuinely believe in, which is the idea that age is just a number. There were many times in my career where others told me, ‘You’re too young to do that,’ yet I refused to believe it. My determination and exhausting dedication to become the writer I am today proved that we can achieve what we desire if we truly apply ourselves.”

In participating in this feature, she hopes that readers take away one thing:

“People are capable of so much, but they often let doubt talk them out of what they want before they even try,” Carlton said. “I hope that by my words and example, I give people the courage to take chances, no matter how lofty their goals seem.”

Elizabeth was recommended to eBella by Randy Mitchelson, an Accredited Public Relations (APR) expert from iPartnerMedia.

Copies of eBella‘s November issue can be found at the local Barnes and Noble.