A great and engaging fantasy and adventure story with princes, gypsies and a wealth of magic. I simply enjoy going back to this kind of stories every now and than and I am always enjoying the good ones such as “The Royal Rogue”. Intrigue and political conflicts take a different kind of turn in this type of novels, making the reading a very unique literary experience. The city of Nevaharday is not going through easy times, and the fact that Prince Connor is not stepping up to take the throne that is rightfully his is surely not helping. A series of mysterious happenings are revealed, magic is uncovered, and of course all this is done using the special ingredient that romance brings to such an adventure novel. Ever since reading Robin Hood when I was a child, I became a big fan of adventure like kind of novels, and this one definitely sits among my favorite ones.


The Royal Rogue Review: A Royal Adventure!

I have read Fantasy and Sci-Fi for years, it is my go-to genre when I want a pick me up and the best way for me to escape my day to day. Finding new authors to love is a passion – and I have found one in Elizabeth Carlton.
Her novel, “The Royal Rogue” is everything a fantasy lover could hope for. Intriguing, lengthy, action packed and mystical. There are wizards, princes, mysteries, deceit, magic aplenty and even some romance.
Jaycent Connor, Prince of Nevaharday, should be King. While so many would aspire to this title, even covet it, Jaycent is reluctant and reticent. His parents died under circumstances not quite as they seem, and he feels it in his heart, and in the nightmares that scream through his nights. When he seeks the help of the ‘gypies’ – he learns a truth that begins the journey to unravel the web of deceit that has wrapped itself around his kingdom for years.
Character rich in the style of epic fantasy, I also got a tickle out of the ‘horse folk’ and Unicorns. I love Mercedes Lackey, she is one of my favorite author and her Valdemar series and world has entertained me for over 20 years. While not the same thing, I felt a similarity between her Companions and the creations penned by Carlton, a similarity that made me love them even more. I am definitely signing up for Book 2 in this series.

-Heather G

The Royal Rogue Review: Everything an Epic Fantasy Should Have


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